Viewport Navigation

In order to use the 3d viewport, you have to click into it to focus. It gets an orange border when it is focused.


The sliders you find in lithosphere can be very sensitive. If you want to slow down the rate of change of a slider, you can hold [Right Shift] while you modify it. Sliders can be modified in these three ways:


The toolbar allows you to save/open scene files and create nodes from which you create your terrain.


Nodes appear in the work area (bottom of the screen) when you create them. The nodes may have inputs, which are on the left side of the node widget. Nodes have output, which is on the bottom right side of the node Widget. Outputs can connect to many Inputs, but one Input can only connect to one Output.

There are three kinds of nodes. Source nodes have no input, they are what you start with. Operator nodes combine multiple inputs to one output. Filter nodes modify primarily one input, and optionally a weightmap that determines the weight of the effect.